Why the change?

We’ve outgrown our old online store and needed to upgrade! We’ve partnered with Square to bring you a seamless ordering experience along with the same great food you are used to! See below for more details or see the updated menu page here

What Changed?

1) Our Ordering Page

The most visible change will be our ordering page. When you click “Order Here” you will now be redirected to our square ordering page. All menu items are the same!

2) Loyalty Points Transferred & Now Tied to Phone Numbers

Going forward, loyalty points will be tied to your phone numbers. This is actually a lot easier and more convenient for you! Don’t worry though, all your loyalty points transfer.

You can now view and manage your loyalty rewards through the Cash App.

3) Gift Cards Transfer!

All gift cards purchased still apply on the new site! And all codes are exactly the same.

4) Text Messages

You will still receive text message updates for your order. Those messages will come from square. But our number is still the same if you need to call us anytime!

5) Delivery Radius

Deliveries will now be handled by Square! This helps us stay busy making more sandwiches 🙂 But as always, if you have any issue at all, call us directly and we will solve it.

6) Future Orders

You can schedule orders for future pickups online. Future deliveries are not allowed at the moment but will be added later this year. For now, if you need to schedule a future delivery, simply call us and we will schedule your delivery manually!


As always, you can email us at [email protected] or call us directly at 512-790-7790