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+ Texas-Sized Stuffed Monster Cookies
+ Upscale Sides & House-Made Drinks



From a small group meeting to corporate retreats, or maybe just to stock your freezer, we can deliver orders of any size. 

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Event catering

Started by the Owners of Vanilla Orchid Catering, Chicken Salad Shoppe has decades of experience to make your event special. 


From a small group meeting to corporate retreats, or maybe just to stock your freezer, we can deliver orders of any size. 



When it comes to family, they say, “it takes a village”. When it comes to launching a new food concept, we have to admit the same saying applies. It takes a village to launch a new food concept and we are so grateful to everyone who had a hand in creating Chicken Salad Shoppe. 

First, Molly Mills was the heart, soul, and creative mastermind behind this amazing concept. Utilizing decades of experience and her God-given gift of food creativity, she was able to build Chicken Salad Shoppe from the ground up. Ivan Mills, her husband, saw the amazing potential in her creations and put the pieces of the business together in hopes of bringing more of her creations to the world. 

Our staff including Director of Food and Beverage, Matt Frederick, was able to source, cost, and run multiple iterations of our menu finding the perfect ingredients combined with a next-level operation. Jared Ezell, Executive Chef, and Yukyung Han, Executive Pastry Chef, spent countless hours developing, testing, re-testing, and perfecting the menu in addition to contributing ideas to perfect every single element of the brand.  Numerous other individuals on our staff, board, friends, and family all participated in countless ways we will never forget. There are two more individuals, who we must take a moment to thank specifically. 

First, we want to thank Butch Ewing of Bruce & Eddy, LLC who specializes in custom web services for growing businesses and non-profits. Butch has managed the Vanilla Orchid website for years and when our economy and events business came to a standstill during the Covid-19 shutdowns, he really stepped up in a major way to help design a brand new website for Chicken Salad Shoppe to launch online. If you are looking for stellar web solutions, as well as a stand-up Texan you can trust, then look no further! Thank you, Butch for your countless phone calls, website tweaks, designs, and consultations. You’re a rockstar. 


Second, we want to thank Jessica Scott of Jessica Scott Photography who specializes in wedding and portrait photography as well as being a uniquely gifted product photographer. Jessica generously offered her time and expertise out of her busy schedule to showcase the Chicken Salad Shoppe brand through artful styling, unique product lighting and staging, and stunningly creative views captured and displayed in each of the photos. Jessica was able to professionally and artistically capture the essence of Chicken Salad Shoppe in such amazing ways. We look forward to working with Jessica in the future and highly recommend her for any event, product, or styling needs. Thank you, Jessica. You’re a hero.